How the Grandmas ruined Target.

I’m sorry, Grandmas, but it’s true. My shopping oasis with my little buddy will never be the same.

If you’ve ever met me, read this blog or had a conversation about my favorite place on earth, you know that I LOVE Target. 

My ideal morning looks like this: pulling into the Target parking lot at 7:58am – right before it opens – securing my self-designated parking spot, and watching them unlock those glorious doors to reveal a magical place that loves to take my money.

After the Little Mister (LM) was born, this tradition continued. Maternity leave was the perfect time to do my Target stroll during the week, when everyone else was at work! We had the whole store to ourselves.

Here is LM on his very first 

Target run at 3 weeks old.

For three and a half years, LM and I would enjoy our mornings in Target. He’d have a snack while I sipped an iced coffee, we’d pick up new books to read, stock up on diapers and formula, and – of course – we’d buy outfits and home decor that we didn’t need.

Then one day, LM came home from his Grandma’s house with a new toy.

“Where did you get that?” I asked him.

“TARGET!” LM replied, excitement in his eyes. “Mommy, they have TOYS at Target!”

And that’s when my perfect little Target world came crumbling down.

You see, up until this very day, LM had no idea that Target sold toys. Why? BECAUSE I NEVER TOOK HIM TO THE TOY DEPARTMENT. 

Free parenting advice: If you take a child to a toy department, he’s going to want a toy. 

So to avoid having to have the “discussion” (read: tantrum) about why we’re not buying a toy every time we go to ‘the store with the red carts’ I just avoided the toy department completely.

And let me tell you something: it was wonderful

A week later, LM’s other Grandmother took him to Target. And guess what? Another toy!

“I like Target,” LM told me, clutching his new toy as we drove home. 

“Yeah,” I told him. “I used to like it, too.”

Thanks a LOT, Grandmas!

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