Hey, Christmas: Bring It!

Today’s holiday catalogs. Keep ’em coming!

Every year, I think the same thing: THIS is the year I’m going to be organized, get my shopping done early, be wrapped and ready to go, so all I have left to do on Christmas Eve morning is put my feet up and enjoy a cocktail.

The only year that I was able to achieve this, was the year Little Mister was born. He was about 2 months old when the holidays hit, and I was enjoying a maternity leave during a season which – IMHO – is the best time to be off from work. There was nothing better than hitting the stores at 9am on a random Tuesday when everyone else was at work. And don’t even get me started on the Mother’s Room at Nordstrom’s…a mom could live in there it’s so gorgeous.

This year, I’m primed for a successful holiday season. I have already started listening to holiday music on Sirius! (I draw the line at decorating, but only because we host Thanksgiving. But on Black Friday, all bets are off!)

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

  • Shop early and often. I will once again be Prime’s customer of the year (self-appointed).
  • Take advantage of the extra week. Thanksgiving is early this year, folks. That means we get one additional week of Christmasing.
  • Make a game plan. I have already mapped out each and every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, including:
    • Tree-buying day
    • Window Shopping Day (this is the day early in the season I got out and browse in stores without committing; so that I can make a list and go back later and get what I want)
    • Actual Shopping Day
    • Cookie baking day
    • Visiting with Santa
  • Watch the Michael Bublé Christmas Special (I hope he does one this year!)
  • Daily 5am gift wrap sessions (I get so much done before everyone wakes up!)
  • Taking the Little Mister to see a holiday show
  • Decorating early and often

I already have a few gifts bought, and many ideas for others. The goal is to be all bought and gift wrapped and under the tree by December 22nd. It’s on!

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