To Elf, or not to Elf

Kids and Elf on the Shelf
It’s like his creepy eyes are staring me down. (Top right corner, as he declares his gender)

The year Little Mister was born, his Grandma’s bowling friend gave her the infamous “Elf on the Shelf”. And while it was thoughtful, the message was, “I’m passing on this horrible elf and all the stress that goes with it!”

Granted, Little Mister was just a few months old at his first Christmas, so the Elf on the Shelf stayed in his little Elf box that year. And the next year. And the next year. And the year after that.

And here we are, on the brink of the Christmas season (or, in the full Christmas season, depends on who you ask) and I’m faced with the dilemma once again: to Elf, or not to Elf this year.

Reasons Why The Elf on the Shelf Should Maybe Stay in the Box

The reasons To Elf:

  • He’s at a good age for this; he’s into the idea of Santa coming AND he is easily influenced by threats that the Elf will report on his bad behavior to Santa each night. Elf = better behavior
  • Every other kid in the universe is doing it. They even do it at his daycare. Elf = peer pressure.
  • Mommy likes the idea of testing her creativity each night as she moves the Elf around the house, putting him in compromising situations. Elf = Challenge Accepted.

The reasons NOT To Elf:

  • I will have a stupid Elf hanging around my house all holiday season. Elf = permanent decor.
  • The Elf –and, consequently, Mommy – does NOT take a night off during the festive holiday season. Elf = month-long commitment.
  • Once you start, you can’t stop. Elf = forever (or, until he stops believing in Santa, or that a stuffed Elf is traveling to the North Pole every night).

Who knew such a small little toy could be the cause of so much angst each holiday season?

Elf on a Shelf tradition
He looks all cute and innocent now Wait until the first night I fall asleep early, and he doesn’t move positions around the kitchen. That’s when the sh*t will hit the fan.

I’m a creative person by nature, so I enjoy all of the funny scenarios that I see on social media with the Elf. I can appreciate them (probably, because I don’t have to come up with them each night).

But I’ve been socking away fun Elf tricks over the last few years. Elf pooping M&M’s on the potty. Elf leaving footprints in sugar on the table (that one’s a little messy for my taste). Elf doing upside down yoga from the chandelier. Elf sneaking a glass of red from the wine fridge. Wait, what?

I’m nervous to take the plunge, but I think it might be time.

Perhaps I’ll post about our Elf and his crazy shenanigans for the 30 days AFTER NaBloPoMo.

This year, kk is taking on The Elf.

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