How to lose your tip as a waiter (aka: that time I felt old)

One day I was out to lunch with my two millennial team members and our millennial digital account rep.

Our waiter was also a twenty-something, and not very good at his job. He was awkward and was trying a little hard.

After we had finished our lunches, he blushed his way back to the table. In an effort to bond with us, he started-telling some jokes.

As the waiter was reaching for the leftover dishes, I grabbed a fork and spoken off the plate to make it easier for home to stack the dishes.

“Thank you,” the waiter said to me. And then, in what I refer to as the most critical and awkward moment of grammar school he said to me: “I love how the generation before me has common sense .”

Oh no he didn’t!

But, alas, he did.

“The generation above you also has the common sense to know when someone doesn’t deserve a tip,” I tell him


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