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The Election that Made History

I am the least political person on the planet. I don’t talk about politics, I don’t post about politics and I don’t read about politics. However, even a politics-phobe like me could not escape this year’s election.

I was proud to hear more Americans voted in this election than any other. If there was ever an election that needed all the votes possible, it was this one.

Last week, I was explaining to the Little Mister why he didn’t have school on Tuesday.

“It’s election day,” I told him. “A day that America votes on who will be the next President.”

“What’s a President?”

“The President is the person who is in charge of our country. The man who is currently the President is competing against another man who wants the job.” I explained.

“Why does that other man want the Leader’s job?” he asked.

“The new man wants to be in charge so he can make changes and make our country better.”

“Why do you want him to win?”

“Well,” I explained, “The man who is currently the President isn’t nice person.”

“Is he rude?” Little Mister asked.

“Yes. He also makes fun of people and calls them names.”

“Well that’s not very nice,” Little Mister said matter-of-factly.

“No, it isn’t. The new guy who wants to win is much nicer.”

“I want the nice guy to win,” Little Mister told me.

“Me too,” I agreed.

Leave it to a 6 year old to put things in perspective.

Now that we have the results of the election after a nail-biting 4 days after the votes were in, it’s amazing the change I’m seeing in the world. First, on the day they announced the who the President would be, the weather was gorgeous in New England (hello, 75 degrees in November!). Second, the tone and mood of my social feeds went from one of anxiety, anger and maliciousness, to one of hope, happiness and inspiration. Gone were the rants and name calling. Instead, my feed was filled with photos of sunsets and smiles, celebrations and champagne.

And third, something finally shut up the current President.

And, it turns out, the nice guy did win. And with him comes a female Vice President. Will they solve all the problems of the world? Probably not. Will they make mistakes? You betcha. But will they be strong leaders who fight the good fight and protect our country? I really think so.

Here’s to change for the good.

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