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Creating the Perfect Dog

It’s been over 4 years since we lost Vito the Wonder Dog, but we talk about him often. He was our first “child”, our fur baby, and he was spoiled and a (mostly) perfect dog.

We love both of our dogs, but they are VERY different. However, if we could take the best qualities from one and the redeeming qualities for the other, we would have the perfect dog.


It’s sweatah weathah!

Rocco is our little do-gooder, the perfect size to sit on your lap and keep you warm. He loves the big bed, belly rubs and hogging my chair while I’m trying to work. He also gives out open mouth kisses and enjoys licking your teeth and slurping your nostrils.

Rocco is really good at:

  • Snuggling up on your lap
  • Going into his crate when asked
  • Going into his crate when not asked
  • Giving sad eyes
  • Being left out of his crate when we go out
  • Not chewing anything in the house
  • Giving kisses
  • Peeing immediately when you bring him out

Rocco is NOT good at:

  • Riding in the car (he barks at every leaf, person, truck, cloud)
  • Walking on a leash
  • Not wanting to chase trucks and cars
  • Leaving Bruno alone when he doesn’t want to be bothered



Oh, Bruno. You were a tough puppy. You grew bigger than we thought you would, so we were used to little dogs who were couch potatoes, not medium sized dogs who needed to run and exert so much energy. But you weaseled your way into our hearts and we love you despite your naughty tendencies!

Bruno is really good at:

  • Riding in the car (he is the perfect passenger)
  • Walking on a leash (except when we see another dog…)
  • Cuddling (he is like a big body pillow!)
  • Sitting for a treat
  • Being my walk buddy
  • Meeting and playing with other dogs
  • Going to doggy daycare
  • Sleeping in his crate at night
  • Playing with Little Mister (and being so patient with him)

Bruno is NOT good at:

  • Leaving Little Mister’s stuffed animals alone
  • Going in the crate when asked
  • Going in the crate when not asked
  • Being left alone and trusted not to do anything naughty
  • Not jumping on people
  • Hiding his beagle howl, especially when people come in our house
  • Getting zerberts

Oh these boys! How they wind their way into our hearts!

This post is in honor of Finley, whom my friend had to say goodbye to this week.

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