Christmas, Elf on the Shelf

Hello…It’s Your Elf Calling

Well, he’s back! Jack made his appearance this morning much to Little Mister’s surprise.

Little Mister woke to find a present on his dresser. Inside was a note from Jack, a pair of Christmas jammies, some ornaments for his tree and a pair of Christmas dinosaur socks.

Then…off to find Jack!

Where could Jack be hiding on his very first day in the house? That sneaky little devil was up high on the curtain rod, where he could get a good look at everything going on…and keep an eye on Little Mister.

The antics have officially begun! My daily 10pm alarm to “do Christmas things” has been set for the nightly moving of the Elf and filling of the advent calendar (which doesn’t start until December 1 so I have a few days reprieve from that).

The trick to the Elf on a Shelf in this house is to be creative while still keeping the Elf out of reach of Bruno, who would chew him to pieces and ruin Christmas. Last year I had my mohter-in-law sew wires in Jack’s appendages so that he could move and pose more easily. LIFE CHANGING. Why these elves don’t come with posable limbs feels like a big manufacturing miss to me.

For a little inspiration, I wanted to share some of our little Elf’s shenanigans from last year…

We started the holiday season last year with a tug of war between Jack and the King of the LEGO jungle.
Midnight snack
Gone fishing.
Teaching math at dino school. We’ll never know if they ever learned anything.
Not just Elf Rules, but Life Rules.
Curious George goes to the Elf Doctor.
When your truck breaks down on the way to Bethlehem.
Giddy up!
There’s always time to color.
“Hey, Wiseman in the back, I can’t see your face. Okay, ready…say CHEESE!”
Good hygiene just ins’t for humans.

If you’re Elfing this year, have FUN! Our elf is always up to no good!

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