How old people do beer fests.

We are by no means “experts”, but we’ve been going to beer fests for quite some time.

So while we may look “old” or “conservative” compared to the bearded hipsters who frequent beer fests these days, we’re actually seasoned ‘fest go-ers.

So much so, that we come equipped  with our very own pretzel necklaces.


We were stopped no less than 20 times today to be asked where we got our pretzel necklaces. Were they selling them at the event? How much were they? Where could they get one?

Truth is: you can’t buy them. They were made by a person who remembers the beer fests that helped her fall in love with beer. When she and Mr. KK would go (before the Little Mister arrived) and make the rounds from table to table.

I swear, at the next beer fest, I’m going to come with a little folding table, set up shop, and sell the necklaces for $5 a pop.

We would make a KILLING.

Because even though we’re old, we’re smart. And we know how to rock a pretzel necklace like it’s nobody’s business.


Footloose and Child-free

Here’s what happens when you let two forty-somethings loose in Brooklyn (hipster central), sans child, with zero agenda.


Every once in a while you need to sneak away and remember who you were before you had to watch Blaze and the Monster Machines 24/7, eat chicken nuggets for dinner and sleep in dinosaur sheets.

Mr. KK and I are enjoying some frosty beverages, while Little Mister enjoys time with his Grandparents.



That beer list is pretty impressive. As is the beard on the guy in the bottom right.

Cheers to adults-only weekends!