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Our Netflix* Favorites for 2021

*And other streaming platforms.

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one when Elaine is obsessed with the poppyseed muffins, and eats one every day. She’s working for J. Peterman and has the chance to go to Kenya to shoot the next catalog. But she fails her drug test because of the poppyseed muffins. When she goes to retake the urine test, she switches her urine for that of an older lady. When the results come back, Peterman tells her, “Elaine, you have the metabolism of an elderly woman.”

As I was making my list of series and movies that I’ve watched in the last year, I kept hearing Peterman’s voice in my head say, “KK, you have the movie taste of a 13 year old girl.”

What I watched in 2021

I can’t title this “my favorite shows” because I found myself watching cheesy movies to pass the time when Mr. KK was working late and I was bored. Some things I just watched because they were there.

We didn’t watch many shows in full this year. In fact, I should probably call this “Series We Started and Fell Asleep Watching” because that list is long: Queen’s Gambit, Mare of Easttown, Virgin River…

Also, this list would be longer if it included kids movies and series, which seem to overtake every TV in our house these days.

Netflix* Movies and Series I Watched Alone

*Mostly Netflix, but other streaming services too.

  • Maid. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this one.
  • Firefly Lane. Really liked this despite the fact that 1. it stars Katherine Heigl who is not one of my favorites, and 2. it’s based on a book that I hadn’t read, and you know how the book is always better than the movie…
  • Emily in Paris. Cheesy, but beautiful scenery and food. Plus, I love watching Millennials live life with a constant stream of cash that comes from jobs we know pay peanuts.
  • To All the Boys Always and Forever and Kissing Booth 3. When we’ve watched the first two, and you know the third will be bad, but c’mon, you have to finish the trilogy…
  • He’s All That. Teen angst is so addicting! And for those who want that “Kiss Me” song stuck in their heads for two weeks.
  • Yes Day. I watched this because I needed to see if it was something we could show Little Mister to break the animation cycle. It’s not the right movie for him right now, and I didn’t want to give him any ideas. Overall, it was a fine movie.
  • Afterlife of the Party. Cheesy, not particularly good, but it worked to have on while surfing on my phone and Mr. KK worked away in the office.
  • LoveHard. Again, slightly entertaining but you can take it or leave it.
  • Younger. (Season 7) Though if I’m being honest, I rewatched the first 6 seasons of the show in anticipation of Season 7. I don’t know what it is about this show, but I truly loved it. The characters (#TeamJosh!) and the premise that when you’re 40, no one wants to hire you (it’s funny because it’s true), Sutton Fosters awkward but lovable self, AND it’s the show that made me LIKE Debi Mazar. (Paramount Plus)

Hulu House Favorites

Perhaps our favorite series of the year, was one that used to be on TV a long time ago: Life in Pieces.

I can’t say enough about how awesome this show is. The characters are spot on, the writing is funny and quick, and the fact that a 30 minute show is broken up into 4 short segments (one for each family) is game changing (sometimes we only have 15 minutes left in us at the end of the night, just enough time for a few laughs before bed). I was so sad when this show ended for us.

The Mindy Project. We only recently started watching this, mainly because I’m such a Mindy Kaling fan. We’re still in Season 1, but I can see us watching this one all the way through. Bonus: seeing all of our favorite alum from The Office making appearances.

HBO Max for the Win in 2021

Most of our jointly-watched shows this year were on HBO Max, who really brought it when it came to irreverent, funny and thrilling shows.

  • Love Life. I watched this one without Mr. KK because I have a girl crush on Anna Kendrick (Hello, Pitch Perfect!). I didn’t know what to expect, but was happily surprised. Looking forward to Season 2.
  • The Sinner. It’s weird and shocking and addicting all rolled into one. Season 1 was definitely the standout for us, but the others were good too. Bravo, Bill Pullman, for playing the strangest character in 2021.
  • The Undoing. I pushed through my dislike of Hugh Grant for this one, because the story was gripping. For me to watch the whole series with not one but TWO main characters that I don’t love speaks volumes for how good the show is.
  • Flight Attendant. I wanted to watch this one because I had read the book (which was great!). The show was pretty good, too. It definitely strayed a bit from the book, but in order to make it a series (and have enough content for an apparent Season 2), it had to.
  • White Lotus. At least once an episode one of us said, “This show is so weird.” And it was weird, but in a good way. Not a lot happens in this show as far as a plot goes, but the characters have a lot of personal growth throughout the episodes. Also, I have never witnessed a human pooping into luggage before, so there’s that.
  • The Other Two. OMG, this show. We LOL’ed during every episode when we were cringing with awkwardness! Molly Shannon must be HBO’s actress du jour, as she was also the crazy mother in White Lotus. She has a more prominent role in The Other Two, which follows a family of two washed up child actors who have a younger brother who reaches Justin Bieberesque fame overnight from a YouTube video.

As we approach mid November, I’m excited for platforms to release their Christmas movies (can we please bring The Grinch back?), plus new shows (Sex And The City’s “And Just Like That”) and new seasons and episodes (Emily in Paris, Season 2). I still haven’t watched The Morning Show (HBO) or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Not to mention all the movies coming out now: Red Notice and the new James Bond.

What else should I be watching?

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We’re horrible at binge watching

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 6.00.37 PM
This is the BEST show on television. David Rose is the most perfectly written and developed character I have ever seen. Go watch this show now.

Hey, it’s the Ides of November! (oh, not a thing?) Anyway, what I really should be celebrating is that I have made it halfway through NaBloPoMo and blogging every day so far during the month of November. Yay, me!

Perhaps it’s because it gets dark so early, but when it’s time to relax at night after Little Mister is asleep and we’ve eaten and cleaned up after dinner, we’re both exhausted.

But as not to go to bed on a full stomach, we’ll usually watch a little TV to wind down.

And I don’t have to tell you that there’s NOTHING to watch on TV. Besides the two shows that have our loyalty (Modern Family and The Goldbergs), most nights we stare at The Guide, neither one of us wanting to commit to something.

Which means it’s time for a new show to binge watch.

Unfortunately, our lives don’t allow us to ‘binge watch’ in the true sense of the word: plopping down in the family room and watching episodes for 8 hours straight (Mama ain’t got time for that). So instead, we binge watch our own way: whenever we can fit the shows in. I think half hour shows are the perfect amount of time. An hour is just too much of a committment (and who am I kidding? I can’t stay awake for an hour at night any more.

Or, we start a show and don’t finish.

Seriously, we are the worst binge-watchers ever!¬†Shows that we’ve (sort of)¬†binged on include:

  • Entourage (Watched every episode. I STILL miss this show),
  • Arrested Development (but we stopped during sometime during Season 4)
  • Orange is the New Black (again, we stopped watching that one randomly too)
  • Younger (I started watching this by myself thinking Mr. KK wouldn’t like it, but then I wanted to watch the episodes so badly that I’d just put the show on when we were watching TV together. #TeamJosh)
  • Catastrophe (I watched this one by myself, mostly when I was traveling so much for work)
  • Schitt’s Creek (I started this one on my own but loved it so much that I started it all over again so that Mr. KK could join in the fun. Seriously, one of the best shows on TV, and coming back in January!)

We are in need of a new show.

I think we started Homeland, but didn’t get through the first episode (not sure I remember why?)

House of Cards has been in our queue for a long time but we never started it. Worth it?

Breaking Bad has also been in our queue. I feel like all the hoopla around that show is gone. Should we start?

Don’t get me wrong, I could watch Friends reruns until the cows come home, but it’s probably time for something new when I can practically recite the episode purely from its name.

News shows, and….GO!